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We connect members of our community, such as employers, jobseekers,
volunteers, and service providers, for the purpose of successful reentry into society.

How We Work


Share your work with the world and let them know how they can help you by sharing opportunities to donate, volunteer, sign petitions, or just raise awareness about your cause.


Contribute to causes that are meaningful to you by volunteering, donating, signing petitions, or just joining a community of others who are passionate about the same causes that you are.


Find organizations near you providing helpful services including substance abuse counseling, shelter, and employment training and also get assistance finding a job in your community.


Highlight the projects that your foundation is involved in and gain access to a directory of impactful organizations as well as insight into their services in order to help you make better funding decisions.

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I just joined The Good Grid, a collective impact network where I can contribute to and share with communities that care about the causes that are meaningful to me. Check it out @ thegoodgrid.com

About us

The Good Grid is a collective impact and integrated support portal for beneficiaries, those who provide service to these beneficiaries, and volunteers who want to dedicate their time to help these groups.

We are a good cause ecosystem that supports organizations and volunteers so that they, in turn, can provide better support to those in need. In a nutshell, we help people help people.

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